At Dayton Monuments & Gifts, we know that you need an advocate. We want you to be able to create a life story in stone without changing your budget. Because of that, we charge one simple and affordable price for the custom design that you really want.


Our Mission

We design and manufacture products intended to provide a tangible element to the grieving of a lost loved one. From large granite headstones to small glass ornaments, our goal is for the people that are dearly missed, to be remembered. We want to co-create those memories with each and every family we serve.

Our unique process depends upon us listening to the stories and memories of each family, learning about the passions of their loved ones and discovering all of the things that made each life special. Once we know more, our design team begins building and creating unique design options that are as special as the person they are memorializing. Our families get to choose, revise and approve the design of their choice, and we do the rest.

Our process is the same for all products, whether they are monuments, cremation memorials, pet products, or customized laser engravings, it is designed to be simple for our clients.

It would be very difficult to tell a person’s life story if we were really concerned about adding an extra cost for their name being on the back, or adding an extra cost for a laser photo, or for an intricate life story design, but because we can do one price for the entire stone it really simplifies the process so that they can have creative freedom to tell the story of the person that they really are trying to celebrate.
— Addison Koch Roth, Customer Relations